Antique clocks are not to just tell time, but to be a piece of art in your home. These clocks made of gilt bronze, marble, or special jewels are sculpted with historical figures and/or elements. French clocks are in the style from Art Deco, to Louis XV & XVI, to the French Empire period. 

      Ancient Egyptians invented sundials, using the shadow of the sun to measure parts of the day. By 3500 BC they were using obelisks as a form of sundial at the entrances of temples. The Greeks with their Geometry expertise, worked on perfecting the sundial and other "timekeeping" devices. Soon the Romans also adopted their techniques. 

    Italian scientist and scholar Galileo in 1641 proposed the idea of swinging pendulum with a weighted bob that would keep even more precise time, unfortunately at the time Galileo was blind and was not able to implement this great discovery.  Dutch scientist, Christian Huygens from Holland inspired by Galileo's investigations invented the first pendulum clock in 1657. Huygens accepted a position from King Louis XIV with the French Academy of Sciences from 1666-1681.

French Antique Clocks