French Antique Desks from the Art Deco, to Rococo and Neoclassical period. These desks are a focal point of any room, the smaller desks are often used as a writing table or vanity.

    During the early 1600's most paperwork was done on a portable writing table, a storage box with a hinged slanted surface used for writing.  As literacy spread and became more valuable, furniture makers designed a "desk" to make the master of the home a comfortable place to work and write letters, a flat writing surface with drawers for storage and a kneehole for a chair.


In the mid 18th & 19th century the French Louis XV & XVI bureau plat, typically a flat top desk with three horizontal drawers in the apron, decorated libraries in chateaus across France, they were a status of symbol for aristocracy. Smaller writing table were intended for the lady of the house. 

French Antique Desks