The French Empire style is considered an evolution of the Neoclassical period; this impressive design was promoted by Napoleon Bonaparte, influenced by war and ancient Greek and Roman architecture. Napoleon was a fierce military leader who crowned himself 1st emperor of France, notorious for commanding wars and controlling many important parts of Europe. Furniture and accessories of this period often used militaristic elements; symbols of war and victory such as the golden eagle, palm leaves, laurel wreaths, and the initial “N”. The Egyptian campaign inspired major Egyptian ornamentation such as obelisks, sphinxes, and pyramids.  Extraordinary veneers, gilded bronze, and marble also characterized this period furniture. This important style became popular and was soon adopted across the courts of Europe. Today this 18th century French design is timeless and elegant, complimenting a classical setting or adding exuberant contrasting highlights to modern and contemporary interiors.

French Empire Furniture and Accessories