From Traditional to Modern Style, Gold has been a favorite showstopper for centuries. Jonathan Adler has long been known for his exuberant style, in his book he quotes “Get Glitzy - No matter how large you’re living, you can always use more sparkle. Gold is yellow’s happier-yet bitchier cousin, and it seems to capture energy (and attitude) directly from the universe”. Literature: Adler, J. (2012) 100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life. (p. 100)

   The French have long used gilt bronze in traditional interiors not only to be used to be decorative, but to have functionality. In the 18th century the French perfected the process of casting and gilding. A wax mold taken from a 3 dimensional prototype of wood, clay or wax was pressed down in sand and molten bronze before the uses his tools to chase. The gold is then ground and amalgamated with the mercury and then heated. The liquid gold is applied to the bronze object. Mercury gold is of the finest.