Pair of Imperial Prussian Sword Candle Holders

Pair of Antique Candle Holders made from 1889 model Prussian infantry officer's swords. They would of been made from unused swords, the manufacturer would create these candlesticks to give as gifts to stores as incentives to get favor to carry their product, they created a dramatic realistic showroom display. These candle holders would make a grand statement for your home, cabin, hotel, showroom, or office; while making a great conversation piece. They would also be fabulous for an unique gift!


Each sword with d-shaped guard swoops downward in three tiers ending in a basket-shaped hilt depicting an Imperial Prussian Eagle with monogram "WR II" in the center breast which represented the imperial family, Kaiser Wilhelm II as king of Prussia; the eagle is grasping a sword and a scepter. The grip is tightly wrapped with a skein of triple twist brass wire with the blade sprouting a flower bobache supporting a brass candle holder. Maker Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie. WKC Solingen.