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Antique Furniture Types

J Robert's Antiques has the best French antiques and other antiques from different eras. We specialize in antiques from:

  • art Deco style

  • Chinese

  • baroque

  • country

  • Empire

  • gothic

  • neoclassical

  • rococo

Each of these furniture styles has its own set of unique characteristics that differentiate them. They also help you tell if they are authentic antiques. This post will highlight Art Deco style, Chinese, baroque, empire, and rococo style.

Different Antique Furniture Styles

1. Art Deco style

Art Deco style began in the 1920s and soared to popularity in the United States and Europe. Art Deco style is usually made from expensive materials. Used are natural products like jade, ivory, and chrome. Manufactured products like plastic are also used.

This unique style has a heavy geometric influence. The furniture style is also known to use loud, vibrant colors and sunburst motifs.

2. Chinese Style

China has almost 5,000 years of history recorded. Can you imagine how much furniture China made during that time? Chinese furniture is recognizable for its exotic hardwood, otherwise known as rosewood. This furniture style features exceedingly detailed carvings. The carvings were customarily used in ceremonies.

The furniture's toughness means you do not have to work with any nails. A great way to tell if your Chinese-style furniture is authentic is to look at the joinery and finish. Joints will appear over time due to natural expansion. The non visible sides of the furniture should look raw, rough, and dry. When you purchase an antique from J Roberts Antiques, we guarantee its authenticity.

3. Empire Style

The Empire era was popular during the 1820s. This style is known primarily for being heavy and substantial. But it is also very detailed. The furniture will usually have ornate carvings in the shape of stars or Greek key patterns.

Glass panels on the doors, like a china cabinet, are another detail of the Empire style. Mahogany and walnut were the types of wood used. To make the furniture more affordable, sometimes the carpenters use fine wood.

4. Baroque Style

The baroque style grew in popularity after the Renaissance era ended. Italy formed this furniture style around the seventeenth century. After the baroque style ended, the rococo style became favored.

Baroque era furniture is known for its detail and ornamentation. Twisted columns and heavy moldings are the most specific details.

5. Rococo style

Also known as late baroque, this furniture style began in eighteenth-century France. The rococo style influenced not only furniture but music and art as well. Furniture made in the rococo era is characterized by its elaborate ornaments.

Carpenters used extensive decoration and pastel colors to make this beautiful type of furniture. They used light wood to create thinner table legs than in the baroque period.

At J Roberts Antiques, we assure you that every piece of furniture bought from us is a true antique. You will not be disappointed if you choose to shop with us. Consider looking into our fine art and lighting, antiques as well.

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