Oil on canvas depicting an early 19th century garden social romantic scene. 20 guests, mostly couples flirting, playing jump rope and blind mans bluff, a painted blue romantic guitar and other musical instruments laying nearby while two small dogs sit and watch the festivities. The garden adorned with life size marble figural statues trailing the way to the "main house" in the background. The sky in sunset hues of red, orange and grey. The couples dressed in European style typical in the early 1800's (1795-1810). The gentlemen sporting natural hair, one with a bicorn hat, also known as "French hat" or "Napoleon hat" primarily worn by European military and naval officers, but also worn by civilians. Attire of velvet knee breeches with white knee socks, matching elaborate coats and ruffled shirts, ruffled ties "cravats", and high neck lace collars. The ladies dressed in silk dresses with cleavage showing and lace cuffs, their hair is pulled back in a loose bun "psyche knot" influenced by Greek and Roman styles, some in ladies bicorn hat and some with undo wrapped in lace scarf. Intricately detailed original gilt wood frame, with aged gilt finish. 


Place of Origin - Germany

Artist - Signed in lower right hand corner M. Weblug.

Period - circa 1800
Dimensions - (41 in.Hx34 in.Wx3.5 in.D)
Condition - Good Antique Condition, Wear consitent with age and use. 

"Garden Party" Oil on Canvas Painting by M. Weblug, Germany, 1800

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