Masonic Knights Templar ceremonial sword. The ricasso, the unsharpened part of blade just above the guard is engraved with manufacturer name, The Henderson Ames Co. Kalamazoo Michigan (1893-1923), the reverse with a bee-hive stamp and initials SHS. Intricately detailed knuckle guard with Knight Templar Symbol, a Red Cross within blue crown surrounded with phrase "In Hoc Signo Vinces," meaning "In this sign you will conquer," The grip made of ivory engraved with the original owners initials intertwined within each other "CCW," the name C C Walsh is also engraved on the heavily decorated nickel plated sheath and scabbard, knights head pommel with chain guard. The Knights Templar was a Christian order that was established in the 11th century to protect pilgrimages to the Holy Land, the purpose of these voyage was the Christians believe this would guarantee the forgiveness of their sins and the healing of their sick bodies and souls.

Masonic Knights Templar Sword, Michigan US, 1895

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