This unique pair of French Art Deco porcelain and bronze loutrophoros vase lamps with ovoid-shaped body with elongated neck with two handles, originally oil lamps converted to electric. Vases of this form were used for ceremonial purposes such as a wedding or funeral, the illustration depicted on these vases typically represented which type of ceremony it was used for. The body with red figural mythological scene on black canvas depicting a celebration and blessing of a marriage. Hestia, goddess of family hearth and home is seen here giving her blessing "a flame" for a marriage union to Hermes, god of travel and messenger of the gods, here he is wearing his signature winged sandals, travelers cap, and wand. The reverse side with Demeter, goddess of fertility and agriculture holding on to her infamous torch to collect the "flame" to give to couple as their blessing. Silenus is walking towards Demeter, he represents the celebration, companion and tutor to Dionysus, god of wine and celebration, younger brother to Hermes. He is typically depicted as an elder satyr with characteristics of a horse rather than a goat, he is usually drunk from celebrating but it is believed that during his drunkenness is when he has arcane knowledge and can predict the future. Above the matrimonial scene is a continuous egg and dart border and beneath the scene is greek key border with framed ancient St. Andrew cross, another border beneath with continuous sunburst flame detail, the sunburst symbol was used by the Macedonian royal dynasty. At the neck of each porcelain vessel intricately detailed alternating continuous stylized Greek palmette and lily border, egg and dart design border near the lip.Art Deco design brings the luxury and glamour of the roaring 20's to the 21st century.



Style: Art Deco 

Period: Early 20th Century 

Dimensions: (36"H x 16"D)

Condition: Excellent Antique Condition

Wear: Consistent with age and use. 

Pair of Art Deco Mythological Porcelain and Bronze Vase Lamps, 1930

SKU: L100400

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