An unusual pair of English large heavy lead planters with repeating panel of sunbursts. The sunburst with a face and rays is presented "in his splendour" or "in his glory".  The sixteen vertical rays represent the Vergina Sun also called the Vergina Star, has been a symbol of Greece since ancient times.


The number sixteen is considered to be related to the symbol of totality and completeness. In many cultures it symbolizes the “totality”. This totality on the symbol of Vergina consists of the Fire, the Ocean, the Earth and the Air. These are the four elements that in ancient times constituted the world and are therefore placed at the edges of two vertical imaginary axes. In the four quadrants which are created by these vertical axes are placed the 12 gods, who were the centre of worship and faith in Ancient Greece. 


Place of Origin: London, England

Circa: 1880

Material: Lead 

Dimensions:  (23.5"dia X 12"h)

Condition: Excellent antique condition. Wear consistent with age. 


J Roberts Antiques


Pair of 19th Century English Large Heavy Lead Planters with Sunbursts


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