French Neoclassical Aubusson Tapestry Pelmet Valances from the mid-19th century handwoven in wool and silk. Set of four identical rectangular shapely panels with a gold silk background, gold arched needle point frame within surrounding a creamy field with Louis XVI motifs, scrolls, Greek key, floral, ribbon, tambourine, horns and quiver of feather tipped arrows. Shapely bottom adorned with gold silk fringe.


The history of European tapestries dates back to the Medieval and Renaissance period. Tapestries were only commissioned for royalty, aristocrats and bishops, they were a status of symbol for aristocracy.  Hung on walls to insulate and decorate churches, palaces and manor houses of the wealthy. They were important because of their portability as they could easily be rolled up to move from location to location. Kings and nobility often used them during their travel. A pelmet or a valance was not only used to insulate, but to hide and decorate the mechanisms of the window treatment. 


Aubusson tapestries and rugs are among the finest in the world, exemplifying the luxury and grace of classical European Design. World renowned for being the original center of production of tapestry-weave carpets and wall embellishments typically depicting in the 'le rustique' style. Named after the town of Aubusson which is located at the base of the Creuse River in the La Marche area of France, which is about 250 miles from Paris. Its origins were born with the arrival of weavers from Flanders, who took refuge in Aubusson around 1580.  The weaving industry in Aubusson prospered as its reputation flourished when they were given the status of Royal Manufacturer by Colbert in 1665, in line with the Beauvais and Gobelins Workshops. Today they still produce these tapestries and rugs.  


Place of Origin: Paris, France

Period: Circa 1860

Dimensions:   (31.5 in.Hx48.5 in.Wx.25 in.D)

Condition:  Wear consistent with age and use. 

Set of Four Neoclassical Aubusson Tapestry Pelmet Valances, Paris, 1860

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